Every auction participant, win or lose, shapes, the future of the project.

The Nouns Bidder POAP was created to invite and reward the community for actively participating in the proliferation of the Nouns ecosystem.

How it works
After each auction, the top 5 runner-ups are airdropped a POAP via the xDAI network, which can be migrated to the mainnet using POAP.xyz.

David Horvath

About the artist


Best known for co-creating the Uglydoll toy brand with his wife and creative partner Sun-Min Kim, NFT artist David Horvath is author and illustrator of Bossy Bear, a Disney book series and best selling toy line, now headed to the small screen with Ron Howard’s Imagine Entertainment. David's work has been found everywhere from the shelves of LOFT in Kyoto and the MOMA in Tokyo to his own toy shop in Seoul.